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Gloria Grand Hotel Nanchang, the hotel is strategically located in the city's centre

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As the capital of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang remains till today a city to remember in modern Chinese history or the communists-led uprising of 1 August 1927. After Chiang Kai Shek staged his massacre of Communists and other opponents in March 1927, what was left of the communists Party fled underground and a state of confusion resigned. Believing that victory would be theirs once more only through urban revolution, a combined army of 30,000 under the leadership of Zhou Enlai and Zhu De seized the opportunity, captured the city and held it for several days until Nanjing regime. This is why Nanchang is remembered till today as the birthplace of the communist Army.

Today, Nanchang city boasts a population of 40 million with an economy supported by slowly thriving industries specializing in food processing, paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, metalwork and others. Heavy industries are also being set-up in Nanchang, as evident with the set-up of Ford Motors due largely to the capital's favorable investment conditions. Such developments are expected to enhance the socio-economic growth of the city tremendously, which has also generated the need for other infrastructure such as hotels and quality accommodation.

Various historical interest places also bring tourism thriving in Nanchang.

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Gloria Grand Hotel Nanchang Jiangxi
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